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Once Again, The Real McCoy (men with boat)




Once again, the real McCoy-with an even sweeter, solider way of going!


Here’s the ’59 version of Americas only honest-to-Pete sports car.  The changes are not earth-shaking when you read them-but wait until you drive this one.  Try the new parallelogram rear suspension and see what it does to power hop-how it nails all that torque right down on the pavement, how it smoothes the rear-end steering effect, how it cuts axle wind-up under hard braking.  Check the new form-fitting seats, the reverse lockout in the four-speed transmission*, the new “road” version of our metallic-lined brakes*, the subtle improvements in driving position, the easier-to-read instruments.

            But you get the idea.  The ’59 has been honed and polished and refined.  And we feel free to say now that this is not only a veritable sports car-but it will handle, go and hang on better than any other production sports car in the world.  Bar none!

            It is pure delight to drive.  And if you haven’t given Corvette a chance to talk to you yet, don’t put it off any longer.  This is the real thing, for real drivers…


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