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1968 - 1982 Corvette Specification Guide
(General Information)

VIN Plate Locations

1968-82:  VIN Plate attached with rosette-head rivets to the inner vertical surface of the left-hand windshield pillar, visible through the windshield glass.  Location is such that VIN tampering would require glass removal.

Engine Identification

Code Location:  The engine type identification and manufacturing code stamping is located on a machined pad at the right front top, just forward of the cylinder head.

Note: The use of the die stamp resembling the alphabetical letter "l", is often the Roman numeral character for the number one.

1967-1982:  Engines were prefixed with a source designation ("V" for 1967 and later Flint small blocks; and "T" for Tonawanda, New York, big blocks); followed by four digits representing the date of manufacture [first two digits representing the month("01" through "12" ); the last two digits representing the date of the month ("01 through "31"")]; ending with the engine type suffix code as indicated in the Engine Identification Codes section of this Spec Guide. Also, a VIN derivative stamping was added to the engine pad, mating the engine to the vehicle in which it was installed.

Carburetor Identification

Holley:  Model identification and date code are stamped into the forward vertical surface of the air horn.  The normal Holley date code can be deciphered as: 1st digit is last digit of calendar year; second digit indicates the month ('1" through "9" for January through September; "0" for October; "A" for November and "B" for December); ending with the third digit representing the week of the month.  Some original equipment Holleys may be coded using four digits, the first three indicating the Julian Calendar date, ending in the single digit representing the last digit of the calendar year.

Rochester Carburetors:  Quadrajet identification numbers are stamped into the vertical boss on the left-hand side, above the secondary throttle shaft.  Also contained are the Julian calendar date and an assembly line broadcast code.  Some Quadrajets were manufactured by Carter for Rochester and their castings are so identified.

Rear Axle Identification

Axle codes will be stamped on the bottom of the differential carrier housing just forward of the cover. The axle type and ratio identification prefix codes letters (refer to Rear Axle section) will be followed by various numbers and letters which may indicate the date of manufacture, plant, and/or type of axle.

The Month Letter "l"

Generally, the letter "l" will be used to represent the month of September only on Chevrolet Central Foundry metal castings.  It is generally skipped over and not used to represent September on hand or machine die-stamped components such as alternators, distributors, carburetors, radiators, etc.  The stamped letter "l" is, however, used to represent the ninth month of body production on St. Louis body identification tags (see Body Build Date Codes section).

1968-1982 Corvette Identification Serial Numbers

Model Year

Starting  Ending
1968 194678S400001 194678S428566
1969 194679S700001 194679S738762
1970 194670S400001 194670S417316
1971 194671S100001 194671S121801
1972 1Z67K2S500001 1Z67K2S527004
1973 1Z67J3S400001 1Z67J3S434464
1974 1Z67J4S400001 1Z67J4S437502
1975 1Z67J5S400001 1Z67J5S438465
1976 1Z37L6S400001 1Z37L6S446558
1977 1Z37L7S400001 1Z37L7S449213
1978 1Z87L8S400001 1Z87L8S440274
1978 1Z87L8S900001 1Z87L8S906502 Pace Car
1979 1Z8789S400001 1Z8789S453807
1980 1Z878AS400001 1Z878AS440614
1981 1G1AY8764BS400001 1G1AY8764BS431611 St. Louis
1981 1G1AY8764B5100001 1G1AY8764B5108995 Bowling Green
1982 1G1AY8786C5100001 1G1AY8786C5125407

Corvette Vehicle Identification Serial Numbers

1968-1971: "1" indicates Chevrolet Motor Division; "9" indicates Corvette model; "4" indicates V-8 engine; "67" or "37" indicates convertible or coupe respectively.  The sixth digit indicates the last digit of the model year; "S" indicates St. Louis assembly; followed by a six-digit build sequence number.

1972-1980:  "1Z" indicates Chevrolet Corvette; "67" or "37" indicates convertible or coupe respectively (no convertibles after 1975), or "87" for coupe beginning with 1978.  The fifth letter character or digit indicates engine type as follows:

1972 "K" base; "L" LT1; "W" 454
1973-75 "J" base; "T" L82; "Z" 454 (1973-74)
1976-77 "L" base; "X" L82
1978 "L" base; "4" L82
1979 "8" base; "4" L82
1980 "8" base; "L" L82; "H" 305 (Calif.)

The fifth digit/character engine code is followed by the last digit of the model year, except for 1980 which used the letter "A"; followed by "S" for St. Louis assembly; and a six-digit build sequence number.

1981-1982:  "1G" indicates U.S. built by General Motors; followed by "1" for Chevrolet; "A" designating the occupant restaint system incorporated; "Y" indicating Corvette; and "87" indicating coupe.  The eighth digit identifies engine type ("6" for 350 with 4bbl carb in 1981; "8" for 350 with Cross-Fire Injection in 1982); followed by a check digit (which can vary); followed by the model-year ("B" for 1981; "C" for 1982; followed by the assembly plant ("S" for St. Louis, "5" for Bowling Green) ending with a six-digit build sequence number.

1968-1982 Corvette Production Quantities

Year Convertibles Coupes Total
1968 18,630 9,936 28,566
1969 16,633 22,129 38,762
1970 6,648 10,668 17,316
1971 7,121 14,680 21,801
1972 6,508 20,496 27,004
1973 4,943 25,521 30,464
1974 5,474 32,028 37,502
1975 4,629 33,836 38,465
1976 - 46,567 46,567
1977 - 49,213 49,213
1978* - 46,776 46,776
1979 - 53,807 53,807
1980 - 40,614 40,614
1981 - 40,606 40,606
1982** - 25,407 25,407

* 1978 production total includes 40,274 standard coupes and 6,502 Pace Car models.

** 1982 production total includes 18, 648 standard coupes and 6,759 Collector Edition models.

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