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Corvette: Here's The Car You Hear So Much About



Here’s the car you hear so much about!


Everywhere you go you hear talk about the new Chevrolet Corvette. And small wonder, for here is something distinctly new and different in automobiles.  Here is a car that combines all the grace and sparkling performance of a true sports car with all the comfort and convenience today’s motorists desire.

          But, more than that, the Corvette embodies important new concepts of automobile design and construction.  The body, for example, is of glass-fiber reinforced plastic.  Height from road to door top is only 33 inches.  A special 150-h.p. version of the famed Chevrolet “Blue-Flame” engine provides spirited acceleration and instant response to the slightest command.

          The Corvette is not a drawing board “dream car,” but a fully tested reality—the first all-American sports car to reach production.  Chevrolet, builder of America’s first-choice car, is proud to be first in bringing you this “years ahead” automobile.

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