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Corvette: If You Drive For The Sheer Zest Of It



If you drive for the sheer zest of it you owe yourself this hour!


If your hands rejoice in the precise balance of a fine gun or the sweet response of a racing sloop…then you owe yourself an hour with the


You’ll find it is, quite literally, like no other car in the world—a heart-lifting blend of the true sports car with all that is best in American engineering.

          There is the velvet smoothness of a Powerglide automatic transmission (but with the classic floor selector-lever).

          The trouble-free durability of a Chevrolet “Blue-Flame” engine (but with three side-draft carburetors to unleash its flashing 150 horsepower).

          The ruggedness of an X-braced box girder frame (but with the astonishing impact resistance of a glass fiber-and-plastic body).

          A jewel-case of a dashboard with hooded radio speaker (but with a full array of instruments, including a tachometer).

          Luxurious seating for driver and passenger in deep foam rubber (but cradled in the traditional security of bucket seats).

          Generous luggage room, the panoramic sweep of a deeply curved windshield, the flair of tomorrow’s styling (but all within the polo-pony compactness of a real road car).

          The Corvette blends all these—and more.  For it is a driver’s car…a low-slung torpedo with a center of gravity only 18 inches above the concrete…with outrigger rear springs that makes it hold to the road like a stripe of paint…with a 16-to-1 steering ratio that puts needle-threading accuracy at your finger tips.

          Frankly, the corvette is a “limited edition,” made only in small numbers.  It is intended only for the man or woman to whom driving is not just transportation but an exhilarating game, a sparkling challenge to skill and judgment.  If you are one of these, then you owe yourself an hour with a Chevrolet Corvette.

First of the dream cars to come true



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