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Corvette 1981: "We Critique Corvette With The Same Engineering

"We Critique Corvette With The Same   Engineering Objectivity We'd Use To   Evaluate A Military Aircraft"


Chevrolet’s assignment to the engineers entrusted with the evolution of the Corvette is two-fold:  produce one of the finest all-around 2-seaters in the world.  Make it more affordable than most.

            “Finest all-around”?  Does that then mean star ship styling, catapult quickness and the lateral acceleration of a stone at the end of a string? To a degree, yes.  Because those are a few of the more obvious ways by which fine performance cars are judged.  Still.

            In the car business of the eighties and beyond, a high-performance car should also reflect sound reasoning.

            A corvette is unique in the world of high-performance cars because it is also a Chevrolet.  Corvettes will continue to exemplify the fundamental abilities of all Chevy’s—relative affordability, drivability, and the convenient availability of maintenance, parts and service.

            For all those too-often overlooked attributes, however—the ones that makes a driver’s relationship with a car more enduring—be assured that Corvettes fulfill their primary mission very well.



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