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Corvette 1965: This Kind Of Handling Can't Be A Dealer Installed

This kind of handling

Can’t be a dealer-installed accessory


It’s a quality that can’t be pasted on after the fact.  That’s why Corvette engineering starts with the chassis.  With things arranged right on the first place, it’s possible to lay on a lot more car.

                        Corvette’s weight goes where it belongs:  53% on the rear for traction; 47% up front for light steering and quick response, in the standard form.  Then fully independent suspension lets each wheel deal separately with bumps while getting a fierce overall road grip.  Properly calibrated shocks keep the wheels firmly planted, yet damp out irritation before it distracts the driver.  A stout anti-sway bar helps control body lean.  And disc brakes on all four wheels put stopping power on a par with performance.

                        All these things are built in according to plan.  But we couldn’t plan just how much exhilaration you’d want with your handling, so 250-bhp is standard.  You can order more—clear on up to the 425-bhp Turbo-Jet V8.  And to ice the cake you can add different axle ratios, a fully synchronized 4-Speed transmission, Positraction, even cast aluminum wheels.

                        But there’s only one kind of handling available.  The Corvette kind.  And that’s built in.

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