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Corvette 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965 Trivia



  • Production reached 10,000 for the 1960.

  • The first American production car to provide sway bars both front and rear.

  • The first time Nylon belted tires became available.


  • The "Wide Whitewall" tires was last featured on the 1961 Corvette.

  • The 1961 Corvette was the first to remove the "round" nose emblem and replace it with the "CORVETTE" which was spelled out as individual letters.

  • The big grill teeth vanished forever in 1961, it was replaced by a fine mesh screen in the radiator opening.

  • The last year for optional two tone paint.

  •  The first to produced over 300 HP from the fuel injected 283 CI V8.  The engine (RPO 354) produced 315 horsepower.

  • 1961, is the first year of the trademark quad taillights and the last year for the 283 CI engine.

  • $3,934.00, the base price of a new 1961 Corvette.


  • 1962, the last year for the power top on the convertible and the last of the solid rear axle corvettes.

  • After 1962, the power assisted convertible top would be gone.

  • Stiffer springs were offered as an option that help improve handling.


  • The 1963 Corvette was built on a redesigned frame and with full independent rear suspension.  The combination of the frame/suspension became effective that it lasted until 1984.

  • The buyers could select on either a coupe or convertible for the first time.

  • Mitchell designs became the basis for the 1963 Corvettes.

  • 1963 offers, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and leather seats as new options.

  •  In 1963, leather seats were made available to some colors.

  • There was a change in weight distribution from 53/47 to 48/52 that makes it much better to ride and significantly better handling.

  • Compared to other Corvettes, the 1963 had wider front brake drums.

  • The first year for the electrically operated hidden headlights and the optional 36 gallon long distance fuel tank.

  • The one and only year for the split window coupe.

  • The Grand Sport Corvettes were first produced.

  • The Z06 high performance option were offered to buyers, there were 199 approximately built.


  • The roof vents became a reality with the blower motor located below the driver side rear fender.

  • 4 engine variations of the 327 engine were made available.

  • For a set of 5 you could have an Aluminum knock off wheels at only $322.


  • More rubber were added to the road and increased the stock tire size to 7.75x15 from 6.70x15, the first time ever in Corvette history.

  • The first appearance of the factory installed side mounted exhaust systems. there were 759 orders.

  • The only year for the 396ci 425hp engine option.

  • Nassau Blue was the most popular exterior color in 1965.

  • The first year to have the smooth block hood and the "power bulge" or big block hood.

  • The last year for fuel injection of the small block engines.

  • The 396 Turbo-Jet side emblem was only used in 1965.

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