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Corvette 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 Trivia



  • The 1956 Corvettes has 13 vertical bars or "teeth" in the grill, which some racers considers to be unlucky.

  • The toothed grill become a trademark which lasted until 1961.

  • The 1956 Corvettes offers windows that actually roll-up instead of snapping into place.

  • In 1956, the first factory hardtops were produced.

  • The optional engines had 9 fins on the valve covers.

  • The first appearance of a tow-tone paint and Black came back strong.

  • The difference between the 1956 and 1957 models, is the thumb screw on the dash mounted rear view mirror that the 1956 had.


  • The traditional polo white color was last used.

  • Corvette is the first mass produced American car that break the 1 horsepower per cubic inch barrier with the 283CI / 283HP engine.

  • The limited slip differential (posi-traction) was offered as an option for the first time.

  • 1957, introduces the 4 speed manual transmission as an option

  • The Fuel Injection was made available for the first time.

  • For 1957, Black was the top pick color with 2,189 units built.

  • 1958

    • The first-time to have a four headlamps.

    • 1958 models had 4 fin alloy covers on optional engines.

    • The front and rear bumper assemblies were transform.

    • Before 1958, the only acrylic lacquer paint used was on the "Inca Silver" Corvettes.

    • The 1958 Corvette appear with a factory-installed seat belts.

    • The one and only "Retractable Hardtop" Corvette concept car was developed by GM stylists.

    • Last year for the tachometer.

    • "sissy bar" a passenger side grab rail in the dashboard was featured in the 1958 Corvette, the first time for a Corvette.


    • In 1959, Sun visors became a Corvette option.

    • The turquoise soft tops were offered in 1959, the only year that it was offered.

    • Snowcrest White became the most famous exterior color.

    • The last year of cotton ply tires on the Corvette.

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