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Corvette 1955: What Do You Mean; "Practical?"



What do you mean, ”practical”?


The Corvette is not a “practical” car…any more than a sailboat is practical, or a thoroughbred horse, or a pair of skis.  It is a sports car, and by its size and nature it is limited to a select group of motorists.

          But if you are one of these, and one to whom the art of driving is a source of delight and an exhilarating test of skill…then the Corvette becomes a very practical car indeed!

          For what is more practical than a car that transforms mere transportation into adventure and puts into the hands of a good pilot the most joyous, responsive, accurate road machine he has ever known?

          What is extravagant about a car that rewards its owner throughout every minute with rock-solid stability…that clings to the pavement like a postage stamp, with razor-sharp 16-to-1 steering ratio and the firecracker reflexes of a polo pony?

          What suits the expert driver better than a deep bucket seat, a man-size steering wheel, and, underfoot, the fantastic surge of the Corvette’s new 195 horsepower V8 engine-or the crackling 155 horsepower of the triple-carburetor “Blue-Flame” six?  What else lifts his heart like the cream-smooth thrust of the special Powerglide transmission, the beartrap grip of the Corvette’s husky 11-inch brakes?

          For such a driver the Corvette is no extravagance.  It is an investment in excitement…and one that pays off, every day, in the pure gold coin of pleasure.

If you really enjoy driving, we sincerely urge you to spend an hour at the wheel of a Corvette. There is no other way of discovering the wonderful feeling of exultation a Corvette can give you…and keep giving you!

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