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Corvette 1955: You Can Still Buy Magic




You can still buy magic!


You can hardly get good spells or incantations no more…and even a sound, workable hex is hard to find.  But there’s one place where you can still buy magic, the sort of enchantment that burnishes even the grayest, dullest day with a sudden gleam of excitement and anticipation.

          You’ll  begin to believe this the first time you settle yourself deep in the cockpit of a Corvette sports car, whether it is powered by the husky 155-h.p. “Bleu-Flame” 6 or the chain lightning of the new 195-h.p. V8.  And you’ll know it for sure before you have driven one block.

          For a Corvette feels-and-moves-like no car you have ever known.  Slip into the swirl of traffic and an invisible cloak of security seems to fall about you-you could thread a needle with this precise 16-to-1 steering…the whiplash acceleration snatches you away from trouble as fast as your reflexes can say “GO!”…massive brakes clamp down like a gigantic magnet.

          But the real spell doesn’t begin until you’re arrowing down the open highway, slicing through the wickedest curves as though on invisible rails, exulting in the incredible roadability that seems to sink steel talons into the pavement and cling, cling, cling!

          Then, snug against the silken rush of wind over the arc of the windshield, braced and balanced in the Corvettes foam-padded bucket seat, you will find that enchantment still lives, that magic is on sale at your nearest Chevrolet showroom…and you can test this any day!

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