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Corvette 1955: For Experts Only



For experts only!

Chevrolet Corvette


To put it bluntly, you have to be a better-than-average driver to fully appreciate the pleasures a Corvette can give you.  For this is a very special kind of car.  It is not a scaled-down convertible…it is a sports car, with a crispness of control, a solid “one- piece” way of moving, that go far beyond ordinary experience.

          The good driver, stepping into a Corvette for the first time, instantly knows the difference.  He doesn’t ride in this machine…he becomes a part of it.  It is a direct, vivid extension of his will, an almost-living thing that answers a nudge of the toe, a feather-light pressure on the wheel, with eager precision.  The bucket seat molds itself to his back and through it he “reads” the road…he knows exactly the position of his car, its balance, the grip on the pavement.  No matter how lightning-fast the movement of hand or foot, the Corvette responds… right NOW…and with hairline accuracy.  And when he punches those big brakes it STOPS, in one solid chunk.

          Only the skilled can savor the tremendous margin of safety built in to so responsive an implement.  But for them everything about the Corvette is a delight-the tigerish acceleration of the special “Blue-Flame” engine fueled by three side-draft carburetors, the liquid smoothness of the Powerglide transmission, the compactness and terrific impact resistance of the glass-fiber-reinforced plastic body, the utterly individual lines that echo no other car.

          If you are such a driver, let us earnestly urge you to make a date with your Chevrolet dealer for a demonstration now.  We can promise you heart –lifting experience that can change your whole concept about the “practicality” of a sports car.

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