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Corvette 1955: Child Of The Magnificent Ghosts


Child of the magnificent ghosts


Years ago this land knew cars that were fabricated out of sheer excitement.  Magnificent cars that uttered flame and rolling thunder from exhaust pipes as big around as your forearm, and came towering down through the white summer dust of American roads like the Day of Judgment.

          They have been ghosts for forty years, but their magic has never died.  And so, today, they have an inheritor-for the Chevrolet Corvette reflects, in modern guise, the splendor of their breed.

          If is what they were:  a vehicle designed for the pure pleasure of road travel.  It handles with a precision that cannot be duplicated by larger cars-and it whistles through curves as though it were running on rails.

          You can watch a Corvette in action and imagine some of the elation it offers.  But who can tell you about the cyclone sound of that 195-horsepower V8 engine, or the fantastic surge of acceleration that answers an ounce of throttle pressure?

          Who can make you feel what it is like to drive a car that always has more on hand -  in road-holding, acceleration, stopping power-than you’ll virtually ever use?  You’ll have to try it for yourself.  And well take particular pride in showing you the car that is a true child of those magnificent ghosts-the V8 Corvette!



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