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Changes in Corvette 1950's
Changes in Corvette 1950's
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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
1953 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
June 30, 1953 the first production of Corvette in Flint Michigan. Bob Mclean designed the first Corvette. Tony Kleiber has the honor of driving the first Corvette off the assembly line. The Corvette is the first dream-car to become a production model, and first series-production car with a ...
1954 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
The production was moved to St. Louis assembly plant Redesigned camshaft increases horsepower Corvette was offered to the general public, lifting the restriction on its sales policy. Exterior color choices expanded for 1954 with the addition of black, blue and red to the existing white. ...
1955 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
Zora Arkus-Duntov, an engineer on the Corvette team since 1953 and a former European road racer saved Corvette. He drove a prototype V8 powered Corvette and set out a new record in the Daytona “Measured Mile” at just over 150 mph which gained some much needed recognition for the Corvette. He wo...
1956 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
First major body redesign for Corvette, the 1956 model features a new body, incorporating long side coves in the body behind the front wheels , outside door handles, roll-up windows and an optional removable hardtop. The 6 cylinder engine was dropped and the 265 cid V8 was now standard, though it wa...
1957 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
Fuel injected engine offered for the first time 4-Speed manual transmission is added as an option for the 1957 Corvette. The 1957 model Corvette is the first production car with standard fuel-injection, and produces 283-hp on a 283-ci engine.
1958 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
The Corvette still undergoes improvement for 1958. The fuel injected 283 V8 now produced up to 290 bhp and the Corvette received a new body design which featured four headlights and the washboard hood which featured simulated louvers and twin decklid chrome strips.
1959 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1950's
In 1959 Corvette the "T" shifter with reverse lockout was introduced. The 1959 Corvette lost its simulated louvers and twin decklid chrome strips on the hood. The 1963 Corvette Style was based on the Sting Ray styling/racing car.
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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