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Changes in Corvette 1990's
Changes in Corvette 1990's
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1990 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
In 1990, the "King of the Hill" Corvette: the ZR-1 (RPO ZR1) was introduced. The ZR-1's main feature was the LT5, a highly modified version of the 350 V8, and a distinctively wider back end and square tail lamps. Lotus, help with the development, and was built by Mercury Marine. LT5 features a ver...
1991 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
New side panel louvers, with wrap around parking/fog lamps, wider body side mouldings, and the re-styled rear end which was formerly exclusive to the ZR1 were added to all 1991 Corvettes. The driver was allowed to adjust the Corvette's suspension from
1992 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
The second generation LT1 small block 350 V8 was introduced in 1992, which was named after the original LT-1 (note the dash) engine of 1970, the last Chevy small block V8 to generate over 300 bhp. The new LT1's 300 bhp rating was an increase of 55 bhp over the prior year, and this extra power was ...
1993 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
The changes in the 1993 Corvette includes, a four-bolt main bearings, a Mobil 1 synthetic oil requirement, platinum-tipped spark plugs, and an electrical, linear exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system for improved emission control. A special 40th anniversary package, the RPO Z25 was made available o...
1994 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
Interior changes were done to all 1994 Corvettes, a new single-piece instrument panel, a front passenger air bag, and new door panels were added. The optional Sports seats and the standard were restyled and leather seats became standard. The new sequential lull injection system was received by the...
1995 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
1995 is the last year for the ZR1. A Corvette was once again the pace car for the 1995 Indianapolis 500 and a special Replica version was sold. All Corvettes features a revised gill panel design and received the larger brakes and Anti-Lock Braking system standard with
1996 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
Corvette features two new special editions, the Grand Sport and the Collector Edition. The new optional LT4 engine is introduced, and is standard on the Grand Sport. This would be the last year of the Fourth Generation Corvette.
1997 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
1997, the debut of the new Fifth Generation Corvette. The people immediately like it, it was meet with total praise. It features an all new LS1 small block 350 V8 rated at an amazing 345 bhp.
1998 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
1998 saw the return of the convertible, which featured the first traditional trunk since 1962.
1999 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1990's
long with the traditional removable roof and the convertible models, the new hardtop coupe body style which was the first since the classic 1963-1967 Stingray's joined the line up. The hardtop coupe was put as cheaper at $38,777 versus for the coupe $39,171 and for the convertible $45,575. The Har...
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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