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Changes in Corvette 1960's
Changes in Corvette 1960's
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1960 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
This is the last year for heavy "teeth" in front grill The 1960 Corvette was featured in the Route 66 TV show. The 1960 Corvette saw an increased use of aluminum and a new rear anti-sway bar to improve handling. Corvette production reached 10,000 units for the first time. A single-seat, open-whee...
1961 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
1961 saw the first use of the now famous Corvette trademark quad taillights and was the last year to feature wide whitewall tires. The exterior styling was mildly face lifted with Bill Mitchell's duck-tail rear end and a simplified mesh grille without the previous versions' "teeth."
1962 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
The bright trim pieces on the side cove was removed Engine displacement increased to 327 ci.
1963 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
In 1963, the second generation Corvette was launched and saw the debut of the beautiful Sting Ray body. For the first time a two passenger coupe body style which features a split rear-window design joined the convertible. The Corvette features fuel-injection, a knock off wheels and an independent
1964 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
The 1964 Corvette features several improvements such as higher horsepower "fuelie" engine options, a smoother ride, and better insulation. The hardtop lost its split rear-window design in favor of a more conventional
1965 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
In 1965, changes were done to the Corvette, such as the addition of standard four-wheel disc brakes. The styling changes, with functional front fender louvers, new wheel covers and a restyled grille. Inside, you'll see
1966 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
The 1966 Corvette featured a new egg crate grille and functional engine compartment cooling vents. A new muscle Corvette was introduced in replace of the previous year's 396 V8, the "427" with its own funnel-shaped, power bulge on the hood. At first there was RPO L36, priced at $181, was rated at 3...
1967 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
The corvette got an additional engine cooling vents for 1967, and 427s got a different "power bulge" hood and more top horsepower. The new hood had a large, forward facing air scoop, usually with engine call-outs on both sides. The standard engine was a 327 V8 rated at 300 bhp.
1968 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
Corvette production hit a new record of 28, 566 units. The rare L88 engine option was still available. Mandatory options included an aluminum radiator, heavy duty brakes, and the Muncie M-22 transmission.
1969 Corvette Topic: Changes in Corvette 1960's
Officially called the "Stingray" for the first time the coupe outsold the convertible. Choices in Engine were change with new 350 cid V8 replacing the previous 327. In addition, two Corvettes were built with the ZL1 engine. One was a canary yellow car with side pipers and the other was a Can-Am wh...
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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