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1953 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Motorama Photo

1953 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Motorama Photo

Current Reviews: 5
Ahyah Ahyah - 11/16/2013 
Exactly. it is a car that if you can't drive you don't buy. it is far mor capable than the Audi as well. If hevweor you were to drive it below its limits it would return´╗┐ Audi R8 performance figures. [url=]ubjrvqqj[/url] [link=]kbfqaqdb[/link]
Thanh Thanh - 11/15/2013 
The 2012 ZR1 is even better. I'm using this cat as my _a href=""_prmairy_/a_ car on Forza 4 and its fucking brutal. Everybody is like what the hell do you have on that Vette?! . I end´╗┐ up in first place 90% of the races.
Juliano Juliano - 11/13/2013 
We can not believe that there is a car dleaer this great. we felt like as we walked through the doors we went back in time to a time when people cared.we were helped right away and with respect.the sales man phil showed us the exact car we wanted a camaro ss and handed us the keys and told us to take a long ride there was plenty of gas in it. that right there was a selling point no sale pitch while driving we felt comfy and no pressure when we came back.the sales manager was incredibly nice and helpful and so wasnt the finacemanager .this was by far the best exp i ever had purchasing a CAR . YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE THANK YOU! JOEY AND DYANE [url=]tlhcjxgh[/url] [link=]ohwybonjhiw[/link]
Leandro Leandro - 11/11/2013 
My fiance and I went to Colonial South Chevrolet to find a car. When we first _a href=""_waekld_/a_ in we got a good feeling there wasn't anybody running toward us like we were some kind of prey. So we approached a man to ask some questions on what we were looking for. He then introduced himself as Tony Santos and that he could assist us with any questions we may have, Tony was very helpful with our questions and then showed us some cars in our interest. When we hit the lot it was very easy he showed us the cars with no force. when we found what we wanted we discussed the price and then agreed. the process of everything went so smoothly. we were very satisfied with our experience at Colonial South. Thank you
Mehrdad Mehrdad - 11/09/2013 
Rick, Casey and Ricky, it is so nice of you to put pictures of our 1958 Corvette on your wsteie they are wonderful. We can't wait to drive the Corvette after all the work you have put into it. You can rest assured that we will be passing on your name at ever car show we attend and to all of our friends. Thank you for being so easy to work with, you are a wonderful family and we hope to meet Alex someday too. Your friends in Casper, Wyoming, Larry and Linda Kloster
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